Contact lens cleaning

Hidro Health is a complete line of maintenance products for contact lenses that offers specific hydrotherapy for each type of contact lens.

Hidro Health SiH

Special multi-purpose solution for cleaning silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

  • Effective against lipids.

Hidro Health HA

Multi-purpose solution with hyaluronic acid for maintaining and hydrating soft contact lenses.

  • Maximum hydration.

Hidro Health H2O2

Peroxide maintenance system with vitamin B2 for all types of contact lenses.

  • Maximum disinfection.

Hidro Health RGP

Multi-purpose solution for looking after RGP lenses.

  • Simple, efficient cleaning.

Hidro Health DD

Moisturising drops to improve the comfort for daily lens users.

  • Immediate hydration.

Hidro Health antimicrobial lens case

Technology and ecology join forces in the antimicrobial lens case with silver ions.

  • Latest technology.

Disop: contact lens care

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