Hidro Health Contact

Moisturising drops to improve daily lens users’ comfort

Hidro Health DD are moisturising drops that make it comfortable to insert, remove and wear daily contact lenses.

A daily contact lens user also needs a maintenance product

Daily contact lens users are on the up and up. Many are occasional users who are not used to wearing contact lenses. On the other hand, this type of lenses are very fine and, although they are very comfortable, they may cause a sensation of dryness and discomfort at the end of the day.

It is advisable to get used to regularly using moisturising drops to make it easier to use the lenses and make them more comfortable to wear.

Using Hidro Health DD moisturising drops reduces the angle of contact, hence increasing comfort.

The greater the affinity between the tear and the lens, the lesser the contact angle. This is obtained using Hidro Health DD, specific moisturising drops for daily contact lens users.

Benefits perceived by the user

Hidro Health DD provides the necessary hydration and makes it easier to put in or take out the lens while improving comfort during use.

Moisturising drops reduce the contact angle between the tear film and the lens, increasing comfort

When daily contact lens users use specific moisturising drops they make the tear and the lens have greater affinity, improving comfort.

Disop: contact lens care

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