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Peroxide system with vitamin B2 for all types of lenses

Don’t all contact lens users look for maximum safety and disinfection whatever type of lens they use?

Contact lens users are increasingly worried about the safety and hygiene of the products they use to look after their lenses and, although multi-purpose solutions are currently an excellent alternative for looking after soft lenses, the peroxide system continues to offer the best disinfection and safety for all types of lenses.

Hidro Health H2O2: safe and efficient cleaning

Hidro Health H2O2 is the only system that keeps the concentration of 3% of hydrogen peroxide in contact with the entire lens surface during 12 minutes to complete the disinfection and neutralisation process in one hour.

The solution contains vitamin B2 as a colour indicator, which in addition to telling the user that the disinfection process has finished, contributes to regenerating the cornea. It also includes a moisturiser to improve comfort.

Benefits perceived by the user

The lens remains cleaner and in a better condition during the entire time it is used.

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