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Hyaluronic acid for maintaining and hydrating soft contact lenses

Hidro Health HA is a multi-purpose solution containing hyaluronic acid for maintaining and hydrating soft contact lenses.

Do contact lens wearers feel dryness and discomfort at the end of the day?

Dry environments, spending too long in front of a computer, many hours wearing contact lenses... all reasons why contact lens wearers feel more and more discomfort.

Hidro Health HA: maximum hydration

The discomfort brought about by a lack of hydration in the eye is caused by adverse environments and not blinking enough.

Hidro Health HA includes hyaluronic acid among its components to relieve this sensation and help to retain moisture and make the tear film stick to the eye surface. Hyaluronic acid is an efficient, prolonged-effect moisturiser that naturally exists in our organism.

Hidro Health HA: maximum safety

In over 80% of cases contact lens contamination by microorganisms occurs as a result of infections in the contact lens case. This is why Hidro Hidro Health HA contains a special antimicrobial lens case with silver ions to prevent proliferation of microorganisms in the liquid medium.

Benefits perceived by the user

Greater comfort while wearing contact lens, even at the end of the day.

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