Hidro Health Contact

Multi-purpose solution for looking after RGP lenses

Hidro Health RGP is a specific multi-purpose solution for looking after and maintaining RGP lenses.

RGP lens users now have a simple and efficient product for looking after their lenses

Users currently want maximum comfort for contact lens use, while at the same time obtaining the best results.

Hidro Health RGP, the alternative for cleaning rigid gas permeable lenses

Hidro Health RGP is a Multi-purpose Solution that is used to clean, disinfect, rinse and moisturise RGP lenses in one go.

The formula contains a moisturiser and a surfactant, Poloxamer, that removes lipids from the lens surface when friction is applied.

Benefits perceived by the user

The patient obtains maximum cleaning in the most comfortable way. Just with one product he or she can clean and maintain his or her lenses, making the process simpler.

How does Poloxamer work in looking after RGP lenses?

The Hidro Health RGP formula contains a specific surfactant, Poloxamer, that helps to remove the fatty deposits from the surface after rubbing the lens and suspending them in the liquid medium.

Disop: contact lens care

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